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DAISI Education
Help your pupils Realise Their Potential

More and more schools are using
DAISI Education for their School Data Needs.

Covid-19 Academic Learning Loss
In this video, we look at some of the studies
regarding learning loss and how it can be
measured, and offer a resource that enable
you to measure what has taken place.

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Detailed Question Level Analysis
We have been making QLA since 2014.
– Proven to improve your Results over time.
– Recommended by Schools across the country.

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A Handy Guide to Inspections
under the New Ofsted Framework
What will inspections actually be like?
Let DAISI Education guide you
through the process.

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We have been scouting the internet for quick
links and ideas for you to use at home to
help with home learning and more… 

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Free IDSR Training Course
In this FREE YouTube Training course,
we will go through each page of the
Ofsted Inspection Dashboard,
so that you, other school leaders and your
governors will be able to understand it better..

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Multiplication Table Check
The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a
Key Stage 2 Assessment to be taken by pupils
at the end of year 4 in 2019/20.
The purpose is to determine whether Y4 pupils
can fluently recall their multiplication tables.

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