In these new and uncertain times, Year 6 pupils will have spent many months away from primary school before they reach secondary school.

Heads of Departments will need to make quick assessments of their new pupils in order to learn which level to pitch their curriculum and lesson planning.

We all want every pupil to be able to realise their potential and overcome the impact of the lockdown and school closures and so, as a way of making immediate progress, we offer our Transition Pack.

DAISI’s Transition Pack allows you to see how each of your classes and, more importantly, individual pupils have performed allowing you to focus in even more specifically on intervention.

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Detailed Topic Analysis designed to help Teachers create their bespoke lesson plans and help to address the learning gaps right at the start of the year.

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Detailed Question Analysis designed to help Teachers see the types of questions that your pupils found difficult or easier than average.

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Individual Pupil Profiles designed to help Teachers learn individual pupil’s Strengths and Challenges very early in their secondary journey.

Help your pupils Realise Their Potential

  • Start their Secondary journey in a place of knowledge.
  • Be able to praise them for what they are good at
  • Be able to encourage them so they can achieve more growing on what they know
  • Be able to help them where they have knowledge gaps so they can achieve more.

Having an early analysis allows you to secure some rapid improvement and quick wins with your new mixed-ability cohort is a positive boost for pupils and teachers alike.

“Daisi Transition provides key topic evaluation to prioritise areas of focus in the catch up sessions enabling more targeted and focused intervention to take place”.

Deepings School, Peterborough

Teachers at the heart of the Analysis

Additionally, at some schools, all teachers are responsible for improvement in the core subjects of Maths and English, no matter what subject they teach. They can use the Transition QLA to be informed of the topic strengths and weaknesses, at either the pupil level or at a class level. This can help pupils to either catch up or to excel at the highest levels.

Topic – based targeted intervention from the start of Year 7

For maths, some schools were able to split their pupils into various topic-based groups, to ensure that pupils had targeted support as early as possible, and made real progress in the first half of the Autumn term. This enabled learning gaps to be closed for all pupils, and to enable pupils the best chance to fully access the Key Stage 3 curriculum.

Year 7 Catch up Premium

Other schools talked about the Year 7 catch-up premium and targeting these additional funds, as well as reporting on the impact that it had. It can also be used for targeted support for disadvantaged pupils and other groups as well.

“I particularly like the pupil profiles and will be able to use these for identifying our able and year 7 catch up students.”

KS3 Teaching and Learning Leader, Trinity Catholic High School, Essex

DAISI Y7 Transition Pack

  • Individual Pupil Profiles
  • Find your new pupils’ Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Topic-based Targeted Invention to help focus teaching at the start of Year 7 and close learning gaps quickly
  • Evidence Based Curriculum Planning
  • Detailed Analysis available of every question.

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How can it work in 2021?

In absence of 2021 KS2 SATs we can still provide our essential detailed analysis using one of our two primary Question Level Analysis products…

Our Baseline QLA uses a full past SATs papers to give your school a true baseline assessment of your pupils. This is the closest reporting format to the full Transition Pack for teachers and students alike.

  • Your pupils would sit the 6 tests (3 x Maths, 2 x SPaG and 1 x Reading)
  • Tests marked in school
  • Results entered into our spreadsheet and returned to us.
  • Once the data is received, we will create your analysis.
  • (This analysis is also available in subject only format)

Our Concise QLA gives schools the choice to run shorter SATs based tests but still brings that essential detailed analysis that schools need. We have created bespoke hour-long tests in Maths and SPaG which provide full KS2 curriculum coverage in this subject. This reduces the amount of testing and marking and still provides the same detailed analysis you require.

  • There are two available Concise Tests (Maths and SPaG).
  • Tests marked in school
  • Results entered into our spreadsheet and returned to us.
  • Once the data is received, we will create your analysis.
  • (nb. For the full set of subjects – use the QLA Baseline – Reading only)

Having marked the papers, you would need to enter names, UPNS and the individual marks into our spreadsheet, with:

  • 0 = Question attempted, no marks.
  • 1 = Question attempted, 1 mark.
  • 2 or 3 = Question attempted, 2-3 marks.
  • N = Question Not Attempted.

You will receive full instructions and a link to our spreadsheet with your order acknowledgement. Once the data is received, we will produce your analysis within days.

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