In this video, presented by our Senior Principal Analyst – Phillip Burton, we look at the context of school closures, some of the studies regarding learning loss and how it can be measured, and offer a resource to enable you to measure what has taken place.

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DAISI Education is committed to supporting schools and pupils and we are working hard to find ways of handling learning loss through our Question Level Analysis both for Primary and Secondary Schools.

We firmly believe

We have created one hour baseline papers for use in school with year 6 and year 7.

  • All questions taken from previous SATs papers.
  • Carefully designed and chosen to provide full KS2 curriculum coverage.
  • Each paper arrives ready to use including provision of a full detailed mark scheme.
  • Package also includes full forensic analysis of results including Individual Pupil Profiles and Detailed Cohort Insight.
  • Available for Mathematics and Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar.

Having an early analysis can put your teachers in control and able to help your pupils realise their potential over time. Click here for more information..

DAISI Education Question Level Analysis

Thank you for reading this blog and watching the video.

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